Japanese Cedar

Timber Cladding

Japanese Cedar is a true rustic timber cladding. Exhibiting warmth and character unique to this species, Japanese Cedar suits rustic-style projects looking for a traditional, earthern, natural finish. Left to naturally age Japanese Cedar will weather to an even silver patina. Adding one of our bespoke natural timber oil coatings will enhance the natural tones and add durability against the harsh New Zealand climate.



  • Plentiful renewable resource

  • Dimensionally Versatile

  • Band sawing, circular sawing or dressed face options

  • Random length up to 6m available

  • Natural durability Heartwood free of chemical preservance

  • Readily accepts natural timber care oils

  • Excellent weathering aesthetic

  • A beautiful natural timber cladding alternative



  • Select:
  • Sound tight knot select decorative appearance


  • Shiplap profile:
  • 90 x 21mm NT49 (65mm cover)
  • 135 x 21mm NT51 (110mm cover)
  • Bevel back profile:
  • 135 x 20mm NT61 (110mm cover)
  • 180 x 20mm NT81 (160mm cover)
  • Available in random widths
  • Board profile:
  • 135 x 20mm NTB1
  • 180 x 20mm NTB2
  • Batten profile:
  • 65 x 20mm NTBT1
  • 65 x 20mm NTBT1

Color Range


Finish Options

Smooth - Natural Oil Coat


Profile Specification

Japanese Cedar Cladding


LivingWood signifies compliance with the highest standard of sustainable product sourcing and processing. Where possible, our timbers are naturally treated to achieve outstanding products which use far less chemicals than previously possible.

This guarantees a healthier product, a healthier building and therefore a healthier environment for you and your family.

All products available at the New Zealand Natural Timber Co. have the LivingWood seal of approval.

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