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Having the versatility of finishing your brand new timber floor is both simple and cost effective but more importantly rewarding. The team at The New Zealand Natural Timber Co. have put together a finishing and care kit designed to allow the home owner to finish their own timber floor in our beautiful natural timber oils. Inclusive in these kits are the tools required to coat the floor, with a full set of priming and finishing oils, plus finish and care instructions. Together with a natural timber floor and our natural timber care oils you will have a beautiful, durable and chemical free finish that can be enjoyed for a life time

NZ Natural Oil
Finishing Kits


  • Resin oil primer

  • High solid (x 2 top coats)

  • Pole sander with 180 grit sanding screens

  • Haydn Roller tray

  • Haydn Roller

  • Haydn Roller sleeve

  • Thermometer gauge

  • Microclean plant based cleaner

  • Microwax plant based replenisher

  • Instructions for finishing your new oil finish timber floor

  • Description of what to expect with oiled finish timber floors

  • Care instructions


  • 12m2
  • 24m2
  • 36m2
  • 48m2
  • 72m2
  • 96m2
  • 120m2


LivingWood signifies compliance with the highest standard of sustainable product sourcing and processing. Where possible, our timbers are naturally treated to achieve outstanding products which use far less chemicals than previously possible.

This guarantees a healthier product, a healthier building and therefore a healthier environment for you and your family.

All products available at the New Zealand Natural Timber Co. have the LivingWood seal of approval.

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